saitom figures and the info unveiled in Wonder Festival 2019 Summer

Wonder Festival 2019 Summer took place on August 28. SKYTUBE, Native, and Aquamarine unveiled samples and commissions of saitom original characters, so from here I compile the information.


Commission confirmed

The sister of Yuu Usada(Zimakupiza), Mimi Usada‘s scale figure will be out from SKYTUBE!

I knew it as the booth had her poster hung on the wall yesterday. Anyway, please do justice to her face based on the image. That’s all SKYTUBE has to do.

I’m afraid the same thing1)Yuu’s face is somewhat different from the original image by saitom. is going to happen to Mimi because the sisters share the sculptor, EGG.


The original sample is currently under the direction of saitom. Please ask them to be true to her image, saitom!

Anyway, I wonder how far “direction” goes? It could be common to give a few words of advice, and probably that’s how it goes.


From DF, issued at C95, a demon-disguised girl figure comes! She is the cover girl for the doujinshi. Her name is unknown and may pass for Akumakko.


Further information from saitom!

The commission project for Nonoka Satonaka has begun! The manufacturer is BINDing (Native) well-known for large-scale (1/4) bunny girl figures, which means this one is going to be 1/4 scale.

BINDing is not specific about its scale yet.

What a coincidence, her posing is similar to that of Bradamante kit created by Grizzly Panda.


Sample Exhibition

Here is the info about items under commission.

This is Miyu from WRAPPING2(R18). I’m wondering if the figure is supposed to be topless?
Saitom tweets: The bundled chair is based on a train seat.


Racing Miku from Aquamarine. I don’t know much about Miku Hatsune, but am going to add it to my saitom collection.



Dark Advent Dragon Dress “Sophia.” Hey, you Alfa-max. How long have you kept us waiting? It’s high time we had it. Instead of selling in Shanghai, you should have considered your native land. How fucking important do you think china money is?


Dark Advent Kraken dress “Rania.” This one comes with explicit body components, so Sophia does.

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