The picture frames ordered at saitom exhibition arrived!

At the end of this October, I received two boxes (one is huge, the other not) that were one of my most anticipated: a picture frame purchased at the saitom exhibition in September. I expected to make a quick post as they arrived but was struggling to display them beautifully, so it felt like a belated post; however, now I think not, thanks to the reopening announcement.

For those living abroad, most of you would find it way too hard to come to Japan. Especially If you’re a big fan of saitom, you will feel bad for not being present, quite a shame for me. What I can do for you is to share something with you. I hope you like this post.

On a side note, I have hated being Japanese once because of all the censorship that regulates the genitals. One day while surfing the internet, I learned saitom had sold saitom box with his autograph on it at an anime convention. It is exclusive for the people outside of Japan, so we Japanese don’t have a way to get one.

The author is Japanese, and most of his fans are Japanese, but the stupid law keeps us from reading or obtaining it, which is such an absurd fact. So the thing is, even Japanese people can’t get all the fun, and that’s why you don’t always have to feel down in the dumps.

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