• 2019年12月20日
  • 2019年12月20日

No saitom entry founded on English Wikipedia

There’s not an entry about saitom in Wikipedia. That’s quite a shame since it’s like implying he’s not that popular or well-know worldwide yet. As a fan, I’d best edit a comprehensive page so that more people will get interested. So this website should be more informative first, and when it’s done, I’ll go on to Wikipedia to edit an article about the stunning artist!

  • 2019年12月2日
  • 2019年12月27日

Another visit to saitom exhibition (saitom展)made my wish come true.

On November 29, I paid another visit to “saitom exhibition,” which this time took place in Nagoya, following the last Akihabara one held back in September. The objective of this trip was to get some merchandise I gave up last time on my limited budget. It’s my first time to Nagoya, so I had great difficulty making it to the destination, Toranoana event space. After a bunch of mishaps, I managed to pull it through, thus achieving my goal in the end. Oh, never mind what I went through along the way, OK? Related Link Related Posts