saitom Encyclopedia (Beta)

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For his characters, please refer to the saitom character dictionary (not available yet).


Abs and hips
His favorite parts of the female body.  


a Korean illustrator who looks up to saitom. They exchanged their opinions about the job at a magazine interview.


Annindoufu (杏仁豆腐)
an illustrator who directs and designs the Idle Master franchises. Saitom and Annindoufu collaborated in the meet-up commission, where two Hatsune Miku, 2013 ver. and 2019 ver. are striking a pose.


media franchise presented by HOBBY JAPAN. He designed Mage among its characters.


Beloved Cats
his treasured pets. He keeps several cats himself and has donated to some cat-protecting organizations. His doujin circle name derives from his liking to the animal. *Neko means cat(s) in Japanese.


the circle he used to belong to. Saitom found his doujin circle Nekomaru-syouten and became independent of his old nest.


a browser turn-based RPG with the five main characters designed by saitom. It got canceled in March 2020 due to the bad sales.


a hentai-content streaming service. On this website, a lot of uncensored hentai comics and doujinshi are readable and purchasable. Let’s do it is no exception either, and many saitom doujinshi are available.


Fate/Grand Order
a smartphone RPG that has a saitom character “Bradamante.” Saitom has drawn some doujinshi of the game before.


Saitom wears black-rimmed glasses (and a mask, as well).


Hokkaido (北海道)
his birthplace and the largest and northmost area in Japan. On a side note, we sometimes call Hokkaido-born people “Dosanko (道産子)” in Japanese, so it follows that saitom is among “Dosanko.”


a Dreamcast exclusive game presented by SEGA and his favorite video game series.


Kairakuten BEAST (快楽天ビースト)
a hentai magazine published by Wani Magazine, where he used to draw hentai manga. Kairakuten is one of the most famous hentai magazines in Japan, and there are three variants: Kairakuten, Kairakuten Beast, Shitsurakuten (失楽天).


Let’s do it (いっしょにしよ)
his first and only hentai comic published in 2015. He used to draw manga for Kairakuten Beast, and it is a collection of works from the hentai magazine. The cover girl, Ayaka Futaba, got adapted into a figure.


Masatsugu Saito (齋藤将嗣)
his original name. He designed such as the characters of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Expelled From Paradise under the name of Masatsugu Saito. Saitom made his debut as a doujin artist back in 2009 and later on as his original name in 2014 when Expelled From Paradise hit the screen.


Nekomarusyouten (猫マル商店)
his doujin circle found in 2015. It is among the wall-circle whose booth gets allocated on the wall sides, expecting more fans than regular circles called “the isle-circle.”


Oil Painting
the process of painting he learned at university. Saitom used the method in his very early career.


Queens Blade Grimoire
one of the Queens Blade franchises presented by HOBBY JAPAN. Saitom designed Kaguya for its visual book and bonus anime.


Racing Miku
Hatsune Miku in a race queen costume designed for a motorsport racing team sponsored by Good Smile Company. It is a custom that artists take turns in designing Hatsune Miku for each year, and in 2013, saitom joined the project as a designer. Some of them got adapted into figures.


saitom exhibition (saitom展)
an art exhibition held by Toranoana in 2019. It was his first art gallery, with plenty of exclusive merchandise on sale. Eventually, this event took place three times overall, first in Akihabara, then in Nagoya, and finally in Akihabara again.


SEGA (セガ)
the game company well-known for Sonic franchise, where he used to work as an object modeler.


Seian University of Art and Design (成安造形大学)
a private school located in Siga prefecture. Saitom graduated from this school in the 2000s. During his school days, he jointed a lecture delivered by Kinu Nishimura for a limited period of time.


Shota Kojima
a designer in charge of the getups of saitom doujinshi.


Tenka Hyakken Zan (天華百剣 斬)
a smartphone beat’em up—game, in which he designed Odenta Mitsuyo.


TNSK and youkiss
The members of a doujin circle CHROMA OF WALL, old friends of saitom’s. Especially, TNSK has co-authored some books with saitom and seems to be on good terms.


Type moon
Video game company that develops PC games as well as provides smartphone games, such as Fate/Grand Order. Saitom is a fan of the Type moon characters and often draws them in his doujinshi, some of which feature Fate or Fate/Grand Order. Saitom says he is fond of their character designs. He is also the designer of Bradamante from Fate/Grand Order, so if you like, he has connections with the corporation.


an action-adventure game franchise presented by SEGA. Saitom got into the company partly because of JET SET RADIO but in fact, got allocated to the developing division for Yakuza.