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  • 2019年3月21日
  • 2019年9月28日
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Hello there! This website is all about my favorite doujin artist, saitom a.k.a. Masatsugu Saito. Any posts I make on here are tributes to him, 

Please note that this website is only about saitom, but not the contents or goods credited with his original name.

The main objective of founding this site is to make his artworks get more attention so that his name will be both nationwide and worldwide. So as part of the promotion, I’m going into detail about his merchandise such as doujinshi, anime, game, and figures, among which are upcoming fan items as well.

Saitom is becoming more and more popular in Japan, but I don’t believe that’s all for him. Let’s support his activity together!

Don’t forget to keep yourself up to date!