【MELONBOOKS】Himematsuri-school uniform ver. tapestry by saitom【doujin】

I came across this tapestry on Melonbooks online store.


About this item

Price:3,499 yen
Matarial:Double Suede


Here’s how it’s packaged.

This is what I expect from tapestry packaging.

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It’s as large as the one from DF.

Every single tapestry published by the company has such a long hanging string that they don’t go well together with the other ones.

She’s wearing a bra in the original artwork but is topless in this illustration.



Sweat running down her thighs is making her light and fine skin look more amazing.


It has copyright inscribed.


Here’s the girl with a bra on.

This transparent file holder features the chick wearing a bra.



Nothing is outstanding about the surface. The tapestry has saitom’s artwork, and that’s all.


Fair enough. It’s just for his fans after all.


Speaking of which, it takes much time and money to collect doujin goods, but is challenging, too.