Saitom twitter account has reached 150,000 followers!

A doujin illustrator saitom said on twitter that his account reached 150,000 followers, and here’s the tweet:

Thank you for 150,000 follows! I’m gonna draw something one of these days.

That means we are going to see and enjoy a new image uploaded by him! Guess what he’s going to draw? I can’t wait!

Side Note

He had 130,000 followers six months back when I followed him. And as of August, 150,000 people are following his account, which is an increase by 20,0001)3,000 plus followers a month! That’s an impressive number, isn’t it? since the earlier 2019. So how did that happen?

What is behind the takeoff might be Xenoblade Chronicles 2 he joined for development as the main character designer. For Xenoblade, he is technically Masatsugu Saito, but not saitom. Despite all of that, I’m pretty sure the game played a major role in making him so famous that the likes of me got to know not just his original name, but also the name ‘saitom.’

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