Comic Market 96 under way! But I have a question.

In this scorching heat, a battlefield exists where each and every person are searching for their favorite books. One of the biggest summer cons for Otaku, Comic Market took place in Tokyo Big Sight.

For the first time in the long history of Comiket, we have had four-day-long events. I’d still say it’s as hectic and vigorous as ever.

Anyway, my mentor saitom (me self-describing) also participated in the third day. Here’s his tweet.


In addition to saitom, Yusuke Kozaki from Fire Emblem series was present, which is making me regret not going there, but I have something more distracting, or even disturbing.

The tweet has got a reply from someone who is claiming it received saitom’s autograph while he was getting ready to leave the venue.





I know I’ve not been into doujin for so long or not been at home with the custom of the industry either, but this reply startled me a lot.

The reason is that it seemed quite impossible to get an autograph from famous artists except for their friends, doujin artists or rather prize winners such as through an event.

I flicked through the account, and it turned out just another fan. There’s nothing special about it.

I used to think along the same line. Wonder Festival held the other day is a good example. I was pretty sure saitom would come there so thinking of addressing to him as he crosses me1)I gave up going to the event though.

Considering illustrators don’t go public, however, thought better of it so that I wouldn’t be bothering him.

Saitom was at Big Sight for doujin activity, not in private, so it would have been easier to talk to, but I never expect to ask him for his autograph. In Comiket, salespersons are in charge of distribution; all I can do is to see him working behind the counter, and at least that was the case with Comiket winter 95, in which I participated myself last year. I thought I would be able to come close enough if I kept on waiting until the closure, and yet if I could ever, I do believe it’s not the right thing to do. It would be just like I’m doing it for my own benefit without paying any respect to saitom, who must be on the go. That’s why I forget the idea.

That beiing said, I’m not criticizing the said person. This is not unusual by any chance.

But I still can not screw up my courage distressed by the thought that if I achieved my objective, I could be a nuisance or make him frown. That would take me nowhere.

I’m so jealous; it’s beyond my description. The fact I can’t do anything is tormenting me now.

When I found this website, I set a goal.

It’s to meet saitom and ask him for artwork along with his autograph. You may make fun of me ranting on here. That doesn’t matter to me as I’m going to attain the objective no matter what and how long it takes.

Someone has done so effortlessly what I’m trying to do. Now I realized I’d just better not sit around here.

I’m just like a stone on the road, nothing special or remarkable. For my dream, I have to prove myself first.

Be sure of what I can do, and then support his activity, that’s all I do.

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