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  • 2019年9月27日
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The objective of this website is to be the best saitom fan site in Japan and eventually worldwide! So I have to collect as many saitom goods as possible to accomplish the goal. As described in Q&A, garage kits are also in a related item category, and thus I hit the road to get her kits.

Yes, it’s Bradamante from Fate/Grand Order!

Come through the storm

To the best of my knowledge, there are five garage kits of Bradamante out there provided by five dealers. No official scale figures available yet.

Quick! Produce her figure immediately, now!

Anyway, the following dealers create her kits: Gurizzry Panda (グリズリーパンダ), Iousen (硫黄泉), Usa-P (うさP), Flower shop (フラワーショップ), and Nekomint (ねこみんと). I’ve already commissioned Iousen’s, which is coming close to disclosure one of these days! Those present at the convention among them were Gurizzry Panda, Iousen, and Usa-P. The Gurizzry was so popular I had to leave early in the morning. But typhoon 18 hit Japan, advancing through near the Kansai region on that day. The violent storm upset and prevented me from leaving home for quite a while.

I arrived at Kobe international exhibition hall shortly before 7 a.m. The wind was not blowing so hard as when I was home.

“Oh man, I should’ve come earlier,” I thought.

And I got in line, looked around, then found out 80 people or so were waiting for the doors to open. That’s quite an impressive number considering the inclement weather. But due to the unstable condition, the sun was glaring, and it started raining on and off around 9 a.m.

Zero tolerance for bad manners

I was getting more and more nervous as the opening time was coming soon. At 11 a.m, the moment they announced its opening, a herd of Otaku began proceeding through the entrance. My priority was to join the line for Gurizzry Panda, which was such a high-profile dealer, so I’d braced myself for a long queue. I knew everyone wanted to go first, but…?

Don’t run as soon as it started!!!↑
Haven’t you read the book yet!?

They were sprinting to the Gurizzry. As for me, I walked fast to get in line while overwhelmed by his popularity and those cheaters. They should’ve known better. Some left me behind on the way there. Operating staff did not warn them, so their bad manners slipped through the cracks, just gaining an advantage. It’s no doubt too unfair!

Another traumatic incident!?

I was afraid it would sell out when waiting in line. It took so long a customer to complete their shopping. 2 or 30 people were ahead of me as I arrived there.

10 minutes later, I found something terribly wrong.

Maid Jeanne d’Arc (Alter)
SOLD OUT!      ▼

10 minutes later…

School uniform Altria
SOLD OUT!      ▼

10 minutes later…


What’s going on!?

In the first 15 minutes, they set out to announce some sold-outs. That’s fair enough, but how about my Bradamante!? The first thing that came to mind then was one of my bitter experiences: Domiteria tragedy at C93.

That’s it for domiteria today!

The sudden announcement left me agape. Indeed, I’d missed out on innumerable opportunities and say every time, “Just my luck not to make it at the last minute.” I’d say it would not be easy to do if intentional.

It struck me that I’d seen this scenario before that could be the worst one. I was not quite sure if I would be able to buy it, trembling with anxiety. Another 10 minutes passed, and I had three people to go until my turn. But my concern was not over yet because of the following announcement.

We have two pieces left!

No way! I’m going to miss it! Perhaps it will sell out at the last minute again!

My heart was beating like crazy, too fast for comfort! I fixed my uneasy gaze on cash registers. Then, my turn came around at last.

Me: I’ll take a piece of Bradamante.

Salesclerk: A piece of Bradamante? That will be 15,000 yen XD.

obtained Bradamante!

F*ck yeah! I made it!

Probably I bought the last one. Tne shopping kept me ill at ease all the way until the last minute. I felt a lot more nervous than when I went to saitom exhibition! The dealer had some idea of how early his garage kits will sell and tweeted in advance,

“I’d say some will sell out in the first 30 minutes.”

I purchased at 11:40, so his intuition told the truth. What a relief! I barely made it in time! If it had sold out, however, I’d have lost it. The administrators should take any preventative measures ahead of time. Only douche bags gain an advantage, whereas rule-abiding people suffer a massive loss, which is too irrational! It seems like an unwritten rule, but you’d better feel guilty for your wrongdoing.

Let me give you a word of advice.
I don’t expect any of you to be a perfect person. But driven by your lusts, can you still prove you love them in front of your favorite characters and their creators?

Next up: Usa-P house

Snapping out of it, I proceeded to Usa-P house booth. That’s a piece of cake; I got it effortlessly. No dealers seemed as popular as the Gurizzry. Usa-P permitted me to upload photos.
Thank you for your permission, Usa-P! 

うさPさん ブラダマンテ (1)


うさPさん ブラダマンテ (2)


うさPさん ブラダマンテ (3)


うさPさん ブラダマンテ (4)


うさPさん ブラダマンテ (5)

Three out of five Bradamante kits out there are emphasizing her butt. She’s quite an impressive ass!

My purchase

Here’s my purchase.

Gurizzry Panda(Left): 1/6 scale garage kit Bradamante 15,000 JPY

Usa-P(Right): 1/8 scale garage kit Bradamante 10,000 JPY



After the convention

It’s my first garage kit con and good thing I bought both. Only a few events take place in Kobe because of the rest that centers around Tokyo, so I’m fairly grateful to the host, but they should work hard enough to provide fair transactions!