Saitom exhibition (saitom展) will be held again in Nagoya and Akihabara! And in Comitia 130, saitom will distribute newly issued doujinshi!

Hi, saitom fans! I’ve got good news today. Do you remember the Saitom exhibition, which took place this September at Toranoana Akihabara C-branch? Some of you may have missed out on all the fun (especially for those living outside Japan), but don’t worry! You have another chance in Nagoya and Akihabara.


So here’s the official page. In Nagoya, it will be open at Toranoana Nagoya branch event space from this Nov. 22 to Dec. 1st, available between noon and 8 p.m in holidays, and 5 p.m and 8 p.m weekdays separately. In Akihabara, it will take place on the 5th floor at Toranoana Akihabara C-branch, and we will have the access there between 1 p.m and 8 p.m all the days. There’s no admission fee charged wherever you go.

They have the same merchandise as the last time, so if you’re interested, please check out the following posts as a buying guide.


I’m joining the event again because my budget was not enough to fulfill my wishlist last time. I had wanted to get a few more art frames.

Newly issued Doujinshi distributed in Comitia 130

Saitom will distribute newly published doujinshi for 300 JPY at COMITIA 130, held this November 24: travail de château. 

The upcoming doujin has a maid as the cover girl, and the title “travail de châteautranslates into “job in castle” in English. It also says “preface,” so maybe he is going to create a series of doujinshi originating from this one. This book comes in B5 sized eight monochrome pages, currently not available through any e-commerce sites. His booth is allocated to ぬ31a, and since the BIG SIGHT is so huge, you should try not to go to the wrong place or get lost!

Anyway, I’m wondering what she is like, and her name is in the first place. I can’t wait!

11/24 UPDATE!
According to saitom, he is going to distribute the doujinshi for the next year’s doujin events. Good thing we have another chance over the coming year.

saitom says, “Thank you all for coming to Nekomarushoten (his booth) at COMITIA 130. I’m going to distribute the latest book for *some events in the next year.

* He is not specific about “some events in the next year.” Perhaps he meant all the doujin events he would participate in, such as COMITIA and COMIKET.