Saitom Games and anime

Here are the games and anime whose characters designed by saitom. Those articles below are going detail about what they are like or how they work. Please check them out to learn more about his awesome characters!!!



CIRCLET PRINCESS is a turn-based browser game presented by DMM Games. It’s about an imaginary sport that is to come in the near future, Circlet Bout.

In this game, saitom designed the five main characters: Yuka Sasaki (佐々木 優佳), Miyuki Kasahara (笠原 美由紀), Nina Averin (ニーナ・アヴェリン), Ayumu Aizawa (相沢 歩), and Reina Kuroda (黒田怜奈).

The game is no longer available since it was discontinued on March 31, 2020. 


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Tenka Hyakken -Zan-



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