Yuu Usada

  • 2019年10月13日
  • 2020年6月19日

Counterfeits of Yuu Usada and Natsumi

Today, there are a bunch of bootleg figures in circulation here in Japan, let alone overseas, most of which are made-in-china. Since you find too expensive items on an international e-commerce site such as eBay, some of you may import it from Japanese online markets through forwarding services. But as described above, you’ll probably come across quite a few knock-offs even there. So the thing is that you should know better than to buy fake ones. This post is about how to find out real figures. After you’re done with this post, you’ll be able to get a genuine figure. Good Luck!

  • 2019年8月7日
  • 2019年8月7日

The Usada family ~How saitom named them?~

More and more saitom characters are coming into being, and the Usada family has been gathering attention through the new merchandises. I guess most of you are not interested in the family name itself but have you ever wondered how saitom named it or why the name? CAUTION! This post is nothing but my speculation that is not based on the info available for now. So please do not take it too seriously.

  • 2019年7月23日
  • 2019年8月2日

“Yuu Usada Pink Ver. illustration by saitom” available for preorder now!

  【本日受注開始】【宇佐田 ゆう Pink Ver. illustration by saitom】 いろんなアングルからのショットをどうぞー。あふれる躍動感… (*´>ω<`) pic.twitter.com/kTLVSSUBhV — スカイチューブ@WF1-02-01 (@skytube777) July 23, 2019 Yuu Usada comes back in another color! SKYTUBE is now ready to take preorders of “Yuu Usada Pink Ver. illustration by saitom“! The price is 15,800 JPY (tax excluded), and it’s going to be out in January 2020. Her bikini looks like the one her sister, Mimi is wearing. I wish I would get her as a figure someday, too.⇒ It came true too soon. This figure is not exclusive to SKYTUBE online-shopping, so some other stores such as Amiami also are taking orders. Here’s my review for Yuu Usada in normal ver.