Counterfeits of Yuu Usada and Natsumi

Today, there are a bunch of bootleg figures in circulation here in Japan, let alone overseas, most of which are made-in-china. Since you find too expensive items on an international e-commerce site such as eBay, some of you may import it from Japanese online markets through forwarding services. But as described above, you’ll probably come across quite a few knock-offs even there. So the thing is that you should know better than to buy fake ones. This post is about how to find out real figures.

After you’re done with this post, you’ll be able to get a genuine figure. Good Luck!

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saitom figures and the info unveiled in Wonder Festival 2019 Summer

Wonder Festival 2019 Summer took place on August 28. SKYTUBE, Native, and Aquamarine unveiled samples and commissions of saitom original characters, so from here I compile the information.

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Mimi Usada(宇佐田みみ)’s figure expected to come out?

A figure manufacturer SKYTUBE tweeted as follows today:

This tweet is notifying us that the company has set up a booth for Summer Wonder Festival 2019 held tomorrow. And check out the poster hung on the right end of the wall. Yes, it’s Mimi Usada!

Yipee! I’m pretty sure SKYTUBE has got her figure statue commissioned, following her sister Yuu Usada!

I hope they will do justice to her face, unlike her elderly sister.

Commission Confirmed!