saitom art exhibition held in September!

Saitom art exhibition will take place from September 5 through September 22 on the 4th floor of Toranoana-Akihabara-C, Tokyo.

It has a merchandise booth and no admission charge, which is so cool.

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His fans should go there, and of course, I’m going too!

Those items for sale are way too irresistible!!! But my budget is quite low. Only if I could buy them all! Agrhhhhhhhhh!!!

saitom figures and the info unveiled in Wonder Festival 2019 Summer

Wonder Festival 2019 Summer took place on August 28. SKYTUBE, Native, and Aquamarine unveiled samples and commissions of saitom original characters, so from here I compile the information.

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Mimi Usada(宇佐田みみ)’s figure expected to come out?

A figure manufacturer SKYTUBE tweeted as follows today:

This tweet is notifying us that the company has set up a booth for Summer Wonder Festival 2019 held tomorrow. And check out the poster hung on the right end of the wall. Yes, it’s Mimi Usada!

Yipee! I’m pretty sure SKYTUBE has got her figure statue commissioned, following her sister Yuu Usada!

I hope they will do justice to her face, unlike her elderly sister.

Commission Confirmed!

“Yuu Usada Pink Ver. illustration by saitom” available for preorder now!


Yuu Usada comes back in another color!

SKYTUBE is now ready to take preorders of “Yuu Usada Pink Ver. illustration by saitom“! The price is 15,800 JPY (tax excluded), and it’s going to be out in January 2020.

Her bikini looks like the one her sister, Mimi is wearing. I wish I would get her as a figure someday, too.⇒ It came true too soon.

This figure is not exclusive to SKYTUBE online-shopping, so some other stores such as Amiami also are taking orders.

Here’s my review for Yuu Usada in normal ver.

Welcome to Doujin Otakonquest!

Hello there! This website is all about my favorite doujin artist, saitom a.k.a. Masatsugu Saito. Any posts I make on here are tributes to him, 

Please note that this website is only about saitom, but not the contents or goods credited with his original name.

The main objective of founding this site is to make his artworks get more attention so that his name will be both nationwide and worldwide. So as part of the promotion, I’m going into detail about his merchandise such as doujinshi, anime, game, and figures, among which are upcoming fan items as well.

Saitom is becoming more and more popular in Japan, but I don’t believe that’s all for him. Let’s support his activity together!

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