Comicket 96

  • 2019年8月11日
  • 2019年8月12日

Comic Market 96 under way! But I have a question.

In this scorching heat, a battlefield exists where each and every person are searching for their favorite books. One of the biggest summer cons for Otaku, Comic Market took place in Tokyo Big Sight. For the first time in the long history of Comiket, we have had four-day-long events. I’d still say it’s as hectic and vigorous as ever. Anyway, my mentor saitom (me self-describing) also participated in the third day. Here’s his tweet.   夏コミ3日目お疲れ様でした。猫マル商店にお越しいただきありがとうございました。 — saitom (@_saitom_) August 11, 2019 In addition to saitom, Yusuke Kozaki from Fire Emblem series was present, which is making me regret not going there, but I have something more distracting, or even disturbing. The tweet has got a reply from someone who is claiming it received saitom’s […]