• 2019年11月23日
  • 2019年11月24日

Saitom exhibition (saitom展) will be held again in Nagoya and Akihabara! And in Comitia 130, saitom will distribute newly issued doujinshi!

とらのあな開催の「saitomイラスト展」が名古屋と東京で追加&アンコール開催決定!https://t.co/b0iN1zlZWp @_saitom_ pic.twitter.com/KOiA2mZlLq — ニュータイプ編集部/WebNewtype (@antch) November 20, 2019 Hi, saitom fans! I’ve got good news today. Do you remember the Saitom exhibition, which took place this September at Toranoana Akihabara C-branch? Some of you may have missed out on all the fun (especially for those living outside Japan), but don’t worry! You have another chance in Nagoya and Akihabara.

  • 2019年9月26日
  • 2019年11月24日

Compilation of merchandise for saitom art exhibition

Saitom-ten (saitom展) is his first exhibition of illustrations, which took place from September 5 to 22, 2019. This post is about a collection of goods available at the event. Please note that I’m not showing you everything. So let’s get started! Official Website 【Reports】 Saitom art exhibition(saitomイラスト展) is worth visiting!!! [DAY1] saitom art exhibition(saitomイラスト展)is worth visiting! [Day1/Cp.2] saitom art exhibition(saitomイラスト展)is worth visiting![Day2]

  • 2019年9月13日
  • 2019年10月12日

saitom art exhibition(saitomイラスト展)is worth visiting![Day2]

On the second day, I paid another visit to the exhibition. The objective of the second day was to consider which artworks I should order and stay there as long as I could. For those interested in the illustrations, please check out the following posts: Saitom art exhibition(saitomイラスト展) is worth visiting!!! [DAY1]/ [Day1/Cp.2]

  • 2019年8月5日
  • 2019年9月7日

Saitom twitter account has reached 150,000 followers!

A doujin illustrator saitom said on twitter that his account reached 150,000 followers, and here’s the tweet: フォロワー15万ありがとうございます。今度何か描きます。 — saitom@日曜日西れ46a (@_saitom_) August 4, 2019 “Thank you for 150,000 follows! I’m gonna draw something one of these days.“